Where Can I buy Motorcycle Accessories in Michigan Besides Harley Dealers?

I live in Ann Arbor so if anyone is aware of any shops other than harley dealers that sell motorcycle accessories please fill me in.

I just bought my first bike a Triumph Bonneville America and I need the whole lineup of gear, the helmet,


American East Traders adds Strong Suit Gloves to its Motorcycle Accessory Line

American Eastern Traders (AET) , distributor of bike and biker accessories in the United States, has released the newest line of Strong Suit Gloves in addition to its rapidly growing catalog of motorcycle accessories. Founded to fill the need of topnotch products and service in the biker marketplace, AET has been passionate in offering the best motorcycle and biker accessories coupled with excellent customer service experience. Strong Suit has developed the proper pre-curving of the glove best suited to a typical motorcycle rider’s hand. The motorcycle series was specially made for series bike riders. AET will offer both motorcycle and tactical glove series. Strong Suit also offers a tad slimmer version for more fitting and dexterous touch. Strong Suit is best known for its durability and great attention to detail, living to its maxim “strength at hand”. At this point, they are the exclusive distributor for Strong Suit in the power sports industry. To top it off, the gloves are...