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 Dragon Jewelry - Panda

What is the best site for finding Dragon jewelry?

I am looking for a good Dragon ring, thats not to expensive, but havn't been able to find any good web sites. If anyone knows of any I would be very greatful:)

New art exhibition celebrates the Venetian Carnival theme

In the light of this year’s Carnival in Venice with the theme – “Fairy tales, marvels and fantastic natures”, the Diocesan Museum of Venice presents the new exhibition: “Animals: between myth and iconography. The works on view are from the superb permanent collection of the museum, showcasing various animals in paintings, sculptures and  jewelry produced with sacred context. First we study some of the elements of classical iconography related to Greek, Roman and Etruscan myths, then we juxtaposed them next to similar images in Christian art as well as contemporary comics. In addition, the exhibition also combines the study of ancient iconography of Greek, Roman and Etruscan classical mythology creatures through their relation in contemporary illustrations, which are inspired by Renaissance drawings. “The Carnival this year – says the director of the museum Don Gianmatteo Caputo – has for theme “fantastic nature”. ” The exhibition is an opportunity for visitors to rediscover the art...
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    DRAGON S BLOOD INCENSE CONES   Azure Green   100 pack Wiccan

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