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 Mitsubishi Eclipse Model - Mitsubishi Eclipse

Is there a mitsubishi eclipse model that is not a sports car?

I am just about to receive my drivers license and have saved up my money because i really like the mitsubishi eclipse and nothing else. but its hard for my mom because the fact its a sports car and my age with insurance, so is there a model that does

No,they are all 2 door sports cars only difference is that some are GS gt spider. ect. some are all wheel drive turbo some are just slow 4cyl. or convertible. None are 4 door
You might be thinking of the galant thats a 4 door

No injuries reported

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    02 08 04 01 Mitsubishi Eclipse jpg model Like the Galant the Eclipse is likely to feature both four and six cylinder power plants and a new 10 year 100 000 mile warranty Click here for picture 1 Click here for picture 2 Click here for picture 3

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